VOTANO 100 Accurate and mobile voltage transformer testing and calibration

 Due to automated measurements, VOTANO 100 can test all of the important parameters of voltage transformers quickly. It is the first portable test system to also offer high accuracy. The measured results are automatically assessed in accordance with IEEE and IEC standards.

VOTANO 100’s light-weight design makes it ideal for on-site tests and calibration tasks in power system grids, production facilities, and test/development labs. It is supplied with the separate voltage booster VBO2. This 4 kV amplifier provides the necessary test voltage during the ratio measurement. Its integrated switchbox automatically switches between the necessary test sequences. This facilitates fast...
TESTRANO 100 Three-phase power transformer test system
TESTRANO 600 is the world’s first portable (20 kg / 44 lbs), three-phase power transformer test system, which supports most common electrical tests on power transformers for routine and diagnostic testing onsite or during factory acceptance tests (FAT).
By using TESTRANO 600 you can perform various tests on power transformers without re-connecting. The three integrated sources speed up testing as tests can be done on all three phases simultaneously. Thus, TESTRANO 600 cuts down testing time to one third compared to testing times with conventional single-phase test sets.
You can operate TESTRANO 600 via the smart TESTRANO TouchControl...
FRANEO 800 Sweep frequency response analyzer
FRANEO 800 was developed for testing the mechanical and electrical integrity of power transformers after transportation or exposure to high fault currents. It uses the SFRA principle (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) and measures the electrical transfer function over a wide range of frequencies.
FRANEO 800 detects winding defects and faults in the magnetic core - thereby helping to improve transformer reliability, reduce maintenance costs and prevent expensive failures.
Key features
Highest dynamic range in SFRA testing industry (> 150 dB)
Fully compliant with the IEC 60076-18 and IEEE C57.149 standards
Reproducible results thanks to an innovative connection...
DIRANA FDS-PDC dielectric response analyzer
 DIRANA can determine the condition of high-voltage insulation systems like in power transformers, bushings, cables and generators with dielectric response analysis.
DIRANA determines the moisture content of the paper and the oil conductivity in oil-paper insulations in a non-invasive way. The measurement results are shown in categories defined by IEC 60422.
DIRANA combines Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS) and an advanced version of Polarization Depolarization Current (PDC+) measurement. In combination with the automated frequency range setting DIRANA ensures the shortest measurement time on all assets at any temperature.
Key features
Revolutionary new FDS & PDC+ algorithm for up...
CT ANALYZER A revolution in current transformer testing
The CT Analyzer automatically determines all relevant current transformer values and compares the results with the selected standard. The device evaluates the current transformer as per the IEC or IEEE standard within seconds with the push of a button.
It facilitates fast and economical on-site testing and calibration of metering and protection current transformers. Manufacturers of current transformers, high voltage transformers and switchgear also use the CT Analyzer for tests during development and production.
The CT SB2 switch box is available as an accessory to the CT Analyzer for automated testing of current transformers with multiple taps, without...
CIBANO 500 3-in-1 test system for medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers
CIBANO 500 circuit breaker test system combines a micro-ohmmeter, timing analyzer, and a coil and motor supply in a single device. This enables all important circuit breaker tests to be carried out even when a station battery is not available.
With the 3-in-1 system all types of circuit breakers (medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers with live and dead tank design) can be tested. It features a globally unique connection technology which considerably reduces the wiring effort and time required. In addition, OMICRON's Primary Test Manager Software (PTM) ensures convenient operation and delivers one clear, combined report for all the tests...
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